Working for a Fair and Just America

Social justice is one of the foundations of our democracy. At its heart, social justice is about our rights, as a person and as a citizen. It’s all about fairness, from equal access to opportunity to equal treatment under the law. It’s also about righting wrongs. Tedra is committed to ensuring that our rights are not violated—and that when they are, that proper redress occurs.

Tedra’s Vision

  • The justice system must be fair and equal
  • Our political system must ensure that one vote equals one voice
  • Employers are obligated to provide a living wage as a minimum requirement
  • Access to healthcare is a civil right
  • Access to quality education is a civil right
  • The government should not be involved in private medical decisions

Turning Vision into Action

  • Support healthcare for all
  • Greater focus on equal sentencing; rehabilitation, and support for families of the incarcerated; bail reform
  • Support equal pay for equal work
  • Reject voter ID laws, gerrymandering and rollbacks to the Voting Rights Act
  • Support federal funding to demilitarize policing and increase de-escalation training

Related Policy Positions

  • Uphold Roe v. Wade, an established judicial decision
  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Decriminalize marijuana
  • Increase access to colleges and trade schools through federal grants
  • Increase funding for early childhood education and low-income K-12 schools
  • Maintain marriage and adoption rights regardless of color, marital status or sexual orientation
  • Ensure the civil rights of all, regardless of color, age, financial status, sexual orientation, religion, culture, education level, occupation or place of residence
  • Respect the sovereign rights of indigenous communities

Why Tedra?

Her commitment to social justice began in childhood and has continued throughout her careers in both the private and public sector. Tedra’s expertise in healthcare access and AIDS/HIV education and outreach makes her uniquely qualified to act as an advocate for reform. She has proven herself an advocate for quality education for all, having organized teachers and families
to push back against cuts to education. She is an active ally to the LGBTQ+ community – she mobilized people to lobby the NYS Senate for marriage equality 2009 and 2011.

Tedra Cobb says, “Social justice issues are the issues we face in our everyday lives. Being able to support your family, get an education, and fairly encounter and access the social institutions with which we interact are social justice issues. If you believe in justice, you must be working on it every day of your life. Social justice has been my life’s purpose – to ensure that everyone has life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

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