Clean Air, Clean Water and a Clean Economy

Protecting the environment is essential for our planet, our region, our health and our economy. NY-21 is not only a place of staggering beauty – its natural resources form the very basis of many of our livelihoods. Tedra is committed to protecting the environment, for moral, aesthetic, health and economic reasons.


Tedra’s vision

  • Protect natural resources: air, water, land, forest.
  • Drive the tremendous potential from green energy.
  • Support innovation that connects environmental protection with economic growth.
  • Address the financial and national security consequences of extreme weather events.
  • Prepare for future repercussions from climate change.

Turning vision to action

  • Defend the EPA’s independence by protecting it from interference by special interest groups and ill-informed government decision-makers.
  • Support adequate resources for the EPA and other government agencies responsible for studying the environment.
  • Ensure enforcement of existing environmental protections.
  • Facilitate investment in the green energy economy.
  • Take decisive action against polluters and others who violate environmental protections.

Related policy positions

  • Reverse recent, systematic weakening of environmental protections.
  • Increase funding for research on sustainable and organic farming and forestry.
  • Strengthen public-private investment in environmental tourism and agritourism.
  • Support the independence of scientists to conduct research and inform government policy.
  • Reinstate tax credits for consumer investment in solar energy.
  • Support farmland conservation initiatives.
  • Support our military and address the national security implications of climate change.

Why Tedra?

She knows that the environment is not a luxury for the farmers, families, and small businesses that depend on pristine natural resources. She will fight to protect constituents from pollution, over-development and neglect. She also sees enormous benefits from connecting environmental sustainability with economic development initiatives.

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