Supporting Military Service Members & Veterans

Taking care of active-duty military personnel and veterans cannot just be a political talking point or a chance for a photo op. They are our friends, our neighbors, and vital members of our communities. They have served our country, and, they deserve more than what they are getting from Washington.

Tedra’s vision

  • All individuals willing to serve in the United States Armed Forces deserve better consideration and care.
  • The transition from military to civilian life must be facilitated by well-funded and practical initiatives.
  • Medical care for veterans must be more accessible and affordable, and tailored to their specific physical and psychological needs.
  • Veterans face issues such as substance abuse, to unemployment, and homelessness and unacceptably high rates; these problems must be addressed with creative, multi-pronged solutions.

Turning vision to action

  • Support legislation such as the Military Family Stability Act, which provides flexible timing when moving for new assignments.
  • Sustainably fund federal education grants and scholarships for active duty military service members, veterans, and their dependents.
  • Bolster federal support for  for Arms for Farms and other programs that train veterans in specific trades and professions.
  • Provide post-deployment job search assistance to ensure that veterans can continue to use the valuable skills they gained while in the military.
  • Support education and awareness campaigns designed to educate civilian citizens on military culture, addressing the difficulties veterans face when returning to civilian life.
  • Expand peer-to-peer mentoring and counseling opportunities to ensure that veterans have the support they need during the transition to civilian life.

Veterans & active-duty military personnel are the lifeblood of our district

An estimated 70,000 veterans live in the 12 counties that make up NY-21 – more than 12 percent of the residents of the district. A staggering  19,600 people serve at Fort Drum—making it easily the district’s single largest employer. These individuals are an amazing resource, with proven leadership abilities, technical skills, and organizational abilities.  

Veterans have earned our admiration, and understanding.  When they need help, we will step up and ensure that they have the resources and opportunities they deserve.

Related policy positions

  • Allow military spouses to carry licensures and certifications across state lines to facilitate finding employment in the professions in which they are trained.
  • Support current efforts to eradicate sexual assaults and protect victims and witnesses from retaliation when they speak out.
  • Expand support programs for military families affected by deployments.
  • Improve access to quality medical care both within and outside the VA.
  • Streamline the VA claims and appeals processes.

Why Tedra?

Tedra has talked to hundreds of active-duty military and veterans and understands the struggles they face. She is determined to prevent sending troops into a military conflict without a concrete plan to bring them home, and she demands that their families have the support they need during deployment. She will also fight to ensure that military personnel receive the training and care they need as they transition to to civilian life.

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