September 15, 2020 Issues

Supporting Organized Labor and Building the Middle Class

A small business owner herself, Tedra will rebuild our devastated economy the right way, putting other small businesses and workers’ protections ahead of corporate profits. She knows we can’t bring back jobs without giving business owners the tools they need to succeed and ensuring strong federal support for existing industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. As a County Legislator Tedra fought for the first Project Labor Agreement in the North Country. As a former member of PEF and CSEA Tedra knows first hand the importance of organized labor. 

In Congress Tedra will:

  • Support the PRO Act and make it easier for employees to join a union
  • Protect collective bargaining and oppose “Right to Work” laws.
  • Support the Butch-Lewis-Act and protect pension plans that employees have invested in and rely on for economic security 
  • Fight for much-needed infrastructure spending in Northern New York (rural broadband and cell, updating generations-old water delivery systems)
  • Promote fair trade deals that protect American workers
  • Protect all workers from workplace discrimination, especially aging workers
  • Recommit to strengthening workplace safety and health standards

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