Building a Thriving Local Economy

Tedra pledges to protect the industries that drive our region’s economy, and promote policies that will help NY21’s economy grow.

Tedra’s vision

  • Encourage small business development.
  • Support existing industries like , agriculture, healthcare, education and tourism.
  • Improve our infrastructure.

Turning vision to action

  • Eliminate regulations that harm local businesses.
  • Secure funding for research and training in vital industries.
  • Work with colleges & universities to create internships and training programs matched to existing local jobs.
  • Support farmers through commercial kitchens, food hubs, aggregation, and Farm-to-table and farm-to-school programs.
  • Further regional investment in renewable energy.

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Related policy positions

  • Ensure that immigration policies support farmers.
  • Boost programs like Arms to Farms and Helmets to Hardhats that help veterans transition to private sector careers in agriculture and construction.
  • Support organized labor.
  • Create opportunities for young people to live and work in Northern New York.
  • Defend net neutrality.
  • Facilitate universal broadband.

Why Tedra?

As a local entrepreneur herself, Tedra fully understands what it takes to grow a small businesses—and what obstacles need to be overcome.

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