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Enacting Healthcare Solutions

Tedra is committed to enacting healthcare solutions that work for her constituents and leveraging the expertise of local hospital and medical professionals.

Tedra’s Vision

  • Invest in the health and well-being of every resident in the district.
  • Support rural and regional healthcare providers and hospital systems.
  • Transform the healthcare delivery system from complicated and confusing to simple and straightforward.

Turning vision to action

  • Enact portable healthcare coverage.
  • Ensure Federal funding for rural hospitals and clinics.
  • Promote preventive care and wellness programs.
  • Fund addiction programs to address the opioid epidemic and reduce smoking rates.
  • Connect nutrition programs with local farm initiatives.

Related policy positions

  • Promote laws that stabilize insurance markets.
  • Improve Medicaid reimbursement rates.
  • Support telehealth technology.
  • Support mental health initiatives.
  • Focus on childhood health and nutrition.

Why Tedra?

Tedra has direct experience working in the healthcare system, so she has a firm understanding of its challenges in NY21 and the solutions required to overcome them. In her founding role with the St. Lawrence Health Initiative, Tedra secured federal and state funding to provide preventive screening and follow-up care to hundreds of hard-working North Country residents who could not afford health insurance. And as a member of the North Country Health Systems Redesign Commission, Tedra helped develop a report recommending “building capacity and promoting value in the North Country” to address the unique challenges faced by our rural healthcare system.

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