Gordon and Sharon Boyd

Saratoga Springs

Long time residents of Saratoga County, active in business throughout northern New York

Although we don't live in NY 21, we have lots of friends who do, and with them we are working hard for Tedra. READ MORE »

Frank Pine

Long Lake

Retired Professional

In our discussions about the numerous issues confronting northern NY, I was particularly impressed by her knowledge and awareness of small town and rural challenges. READ MORE »

Rosemarie & Joe Sheperd



...We strongly endorse Tedra Cobb! We must win in November before we can make any positive changes and, it is clear to us that Tedra Cobb can and will defeat Elise Stefanik. READ MORE »

Jon and Karen Hall


Retired Professional and Retired Educator

Tedra Cobb is clearly THE candidate to beat Rep. Elise Stefanik and to help restore common decency and integrity in the U.S. House of Representatives. READ MORE »

Joseph Riccio


Mayor, Communications & Government Affairs professional

[Tedra] understands the challenges we face in the North Country [and] has the experience as an elected official to overcome those challenges by bringing together diverse ideas and individuals that produce effective, results-based solutions. READ MORE »

Mark & Louise Scarlett


Community Leaders

[We support Tedra] because she has spent her lifetime working hard to bridge differences and solve problems in ways that make this a better place to live, and because she is precisely the kind of person we need in Washington... READ MORE »

Joe Gerardi


Former Supervisor, Town of Saranac

Her enthusiasm is contagious. When she speaks, her passion lights fires and inspires hope. With that same fervor I give an absolute endorsement to Tedra Cobb, the next Congresswoman from NY21. READ MORE »

Victoria Morrison


Wife, Mother, Speech-Language Pathologist

[Tedra] has an exemplary background in elected government and in healthcare, and in running her own business. She has lived full-time in the North Country and knows our issues. READ MORE »

Blake Gendebien


Dairy farmer

Tedra is passionate, inquisitive and driven to learn about the people she represents. As a dairy farmer, it is impressive to see her understanding of agriculture's economic importance in the region... READ MORE »

Bob and Judy Penski


Small business owners

We have known Tedra for many years and watched her as she grew the St. Lawrence Health Initiative into a thriving organization helping neighbors and small businesses get better health care... READ MORE »

Michele Whalen


Retired Professional, Union Delegate

[Tedra] has ideas on how to bring together the successes of one county into others so we can grow economically... She has lived in the North Country for about 30 years and is well acquainted with the issues that we live with every day. READ MORE »

Tom & Nellie Coakley


Vietnam War Veterans, Retired Professionals, Grandparents

Nellie and I have known Tedra for many years through her political career, her business endeavors and socially. We have come to know her as a very capable, knowledgeable and honest person, who will remain totally committed to the needs of the district. READ MORE »

Rick Hoffman


Retired Professional

I liked the breadth of Tedra Cobb's experience in business, government and community service organizations, and when I met her, was cheered to find a candid, smart, down-to-earth, caring and even funny person, from the North Country. Tedra gets it! READ MORE »

Tracey Schrader

Saranac Lake

Small business owner & Harrietstown Councilwoman

When I met Tedra I was drawn to her authenticity and her ability to connect with people. Experience is very important which is why Tedra's two terms as a legislature puts her ahead of the crowd of Democrats running for the 21st district. READ MORE »

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