Victoria Morrison

Johnstown Wife, Mother, Speech-Language Pathologist

I met Tedra at a meeting of our local Democratic Committee. After hearing her speak and hearing her background, I became convinced that she is the person who can best represent our district in NY 21. She has an exemplary background in elected government and in healthcare, and in running her own business. She has lived full-time in the North Country and knows our issues.

She is also a caring and ethical person who is not interested in being a career politician, but has a sincere desire to work for the people. She has wonderful charisma and clearly is someone who sincerely cares about real people and their challenges. She even wrote a handwritten note to my son, who has autism, to thank him for supporting her campaign- he was thrilled! Tedra is the person who can provide real representation, and return the Peoples’ House to the people in 2018.

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