Rosemarie & Joe Sheperd

Johnstown Author

Having closely followed democratic hopefuls seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party in the June 26 th primary, we strongly endorse Tedra Cobb! We must win in November before we can make any positive changes and, it is clear to us that Tedra Cobb can and will defeat Elise Stefanik.

Tedra’s accomplishments are remarkable and noteworthy and they are in line with our values and the issues that concern us: healthcare, ethics in government, environment, infrastructure, education, job creation. Tedra is well qualified and has the expertise and experience to make an outstanding Congressional Representative. She is a manager, an organizational developer, a strategic planner, a successful legislator and is committed to our Congressional District, NY 21.

Home is sacred. The North Country is home to Tedra and her family. We believe she will serve us honorably, efficiently and competently. She belongs to NY 21!

Tedra will compete against Representative Elise Stefanik whose largest contributors over her entire political career are individuals associated with Elliott Management, the New York City Hedge Fund Firm founded by Billionaire Vulture Capitalist, Paul Singer. In stark contrast Tedra is cultivating a grassroots campaign of small donors who reside in NY 21. If elected Tedra will work passionately for these grassroots donors, the people in our district.

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