Michele Whalen

Morristown Retired Professional, Union Delegate

I met first met Tedra when she was running for St. Lawrence County Legislature but I knew of her from my wife Valerie. They lived close to each other when Valerie lived at the farm. Elise Stefanik makes no attempt to converse with or listen to her constituents. Tedra has been elected twice to the St. Lawrence County Legislature and has run more than one of her own businesses – both jobs enabling her to engage with her constituents and customers.

She has ideas on how to bring together the successes of one county into others so we can grow economically. She is knowledgeable on running a winning campaign. She has lived in the North Country for about 30 years and is well acquainted with the issues that we live with every day. She has made it a point to travel all over the 21st District to speak with and listen to the people of this district and hear their concerns.

We need a representative that isn’t afraid to sit in a crowd and hear things that she doesn’t necessarily agree with but is willing to listen to for understanding. I have participated in a telephone town hall with Stefanik and it was choreographed and not engaging. There was NO opportunity for any back and forth conversation. I want a congresswoman that I know will work hard for us and do her best. I do not expect a representative to do everything I want but I know Tedra will work across the aisle and not vote a straight party line.

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