Joseph Riccio

Malone Mayor, Communications & Government Affairs professional

Anyone who knows Tedra or about her vast professional background, can truly appreciate and understand why she is the right person to represent the 21st Congressional District. She is deeply committed to the North Country because has lived here, worked here and most of all raised a family here. She understands the challenges we face in the North Country, but also has the experience as an elected official to overcome those challenges by bringing together diverse ideas and individuals that produce effective, results-based solutions. This is the kind of leadership and courage we need in our Congressional representative.

She has approached this campaign with laser-like focus, and understands the path to victory is by going door to door and listening to each constituent – building connections and trust – so that she earns each and every vote.

I am endorsing Tedra because her priority and passion is the North Country – this can’t be about party or politics, it has to be about the person. On election day, vote for the person for will serve our community the best – Tedra Cobb.

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