Jon and Karen Hall

Watertown Retired Professional and Retired Educator

We firmly endorse Tedra Cobb for the NY21 District U.S. Congressional seat because she is an articulate, intelligent, compassionate candidate with values that reflect our own, and because her political acumen as a former county legislator and her career accomplishments as a former executive director of a non-profit community health coalition make her the standout in a large field of Democratic candidates.

We have been following Tedra since last fall, when she spoke at a meet and greet in Watertown. Since then, we have been impressed with her tireless campaigning — shown by her constant appearances throughout the vast 21st district — and by her dedicated, well-organized network of volunteers and the large well of campaign contributions from WITHIN the district.

Tedra Cobb is clearly THE candidate to beat Rep. Elise Stefanik and to help restore common decency and integrity in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Join Tedra