Joe Gerardi

Cadyville Former Supervisor, Town of Saranac

Our country needs to have Democrats be the majority party in the House of Representatives and NY21 needs a strong, new voice. Tedra Cobb is that person to articulate a vision that unifies and not divides, that person who can influence the course of human events.

I first met Tedra when she visited the Clinton County Fair last summer. Since that time I have gotten to know her and her views while we attended various functions, including the Women’s March in Plattsburgh.

She has been elected and reelected to public office as a county legislator and so she knows the rigors of local politics. I appreciate hearing her deep convictions that will drive her to advocate for a health care system that will be the antithesis of the American Healthcare Act. Her own experience as a small business entrepreneur has taught her the ins-and-outs that will guide her to promote and support a North Country economy.

Her enthusiasm is contagious. When she speaks, her passion lights fires and inspires hope. With that same fervor I give an absolute endorsement to Tedra Cobb, the next Congresswoman from NY21.

Join Tedra