Stefanik’s TV Ad Full of “Fake News”, Post Star Finds

The ad’s accusation that Cobb voted to raise taxes on everything from “candy to water to gasoline” is a reference to sales tax.

Letter: Stefanik Borrows From Trump’s Playbook

Elise Stefanik would like voters to believe that she does not support the dysfunction in Washington under Donald Trump. Yet her behavior on the campaign trail, thus far, is straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.

Tedra Cobb’s Statement On Elise Stefanik’s Attempt to Suppress Her Constituents’ Voices

Tedra Cobb would like to make the voters of Northern NY aware that on Tuesday, August 14, Rep. Stefanik sued Tedra Cobb to nullify the 3,729 signatures submitted by the Cobb campaign to create the CD 21 Unites Ballot Line. The Cobb campaign took no issue with Stefanik’s challenge to the petitions at the Board …

Cobb Speaks About Costs, Benefits of Single-Payer System

Tedra L. Cobb, Democratic candidate for the 21st Congressional District, has focused on health care as a central part of her campaign since entering the race. “The driving point is health care for all,” she said. “This is core, this is central, to why I’m running.” Ms. Cobb has been open to different solutions, including …

Tedra Cobb Discusses the Future of Health Care in Watertown During Trump’s Visit

“It affects people’s lives in northern New York, it’s not theoretical issues just to be discussed in Washington, we need to discuss them here,” she said. “The reality is, repealing the Affordable Care Act will cut off services to people who need health care.”

Letter: Comparing Two Candidacies for Congress

I must confess that I was somewhat amused by Howard Hirsch’s letter to the editor on June 25 criticizing the Watertown Daily Times for providing “free advertising” to Tedra Cobb, specifically letters from Tedra’s supporters, while not printing “even one letter in support of Elise Stefanik.” First of all, the Watertown Daily Times saw fit …

Letter: Research Will Lead Voters to Support Cobb

Congratulations to Tedra Cobb on winning the New York District 21 Democratic primary with an overwhelming majority on June 26. We now need to continue that momentum and work together to get Tedra Cobb’s ethical and intelligent voice to Washington! She will help set a new tone and work hard for the residents of our …

Letter: Stefanik Campaign Misleads on Tedra Cobb

One of the things that was notable about the Democratic primary was that candidates were, in general, highly respectful of one another. The tone has now changed. The incumbent Elise Stefanik has entered the ring, and her campaign showed zero hesitation, launching misleading attack ads in less than 12 hours. First, Stefanik made a Facebook …

Letter: Cobb a Leader for the 21st District

Letter: Stefanik Mocks Her Constituents

Maybe in Manda and Stefanik’s privileged world, like in the darkest corners of the Internet, “trolling” can be mistaken for hard work.

Letter: Stefanik Gets Facts Wrong on Cobb’s Record

Voters want the facts, not “gotcha” name-calling and “hyper-political” rhetoric. Elise Stefanik is labeling Tedra Cobb a “tax and spend liberal.” Stefanik claimed that Cobb voted to increase taxes more than 20 times as a St. Lawrence County legislator. By checking the source,, you find the Stefanik campaign repeatedly misread or purposely misled. Its statements …

Letter: Tedra Cobb Not a ‘Hyper-Partisan’ Candidate

Tedra Cobb has been attacked by the Stefanik campaign as “the out-of-touch, liberal, hyper-partisan, tax-and-spend candidate,” accused of having voted 21 times to raise taxes when a county legislator. The Stefanik campaign listed its “sources,” which makes fact-checking a straightforward matter.

Letter: Vote for Cobb Because It’s Time for a Change

Tedra Cobb has pledged to work to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics. It is ruining our great country and tearing us apart.

Letter: Tedra Makes Sense

Tedra Cobb is not one supported by political machines scheming to get votes and angling to make a career in Washington. She is running because she cares!

Letter: Stefanik’s Goal Was to Mislead About Cobb

Letter: Backs Tedra Cobb for Congressional Seat

Tedra Cobb is a tough North Country professional who can stand up to Elise Stefanik’s political machine and win. In Congress she will work for the local issues I care about: peace, safe schools, health care for all, our environment and an economy that works for everybody.

Letter: Cobb Has What It Takes to Be A Good Congresswoman

Tedra Cobb is applying for the job. With her 30 years of living, working and serving in the district, she more than meets the requirements. The incumbent meets none of the requirements. Not only that, Stefanik does not live in the district, never has, probably never will.

Letter: Cobb Could Help Restore Ethics in the System

Tedra Cobb wants to represent all constituents in the 21st Congressional District and is not looking to climb the ladder in Washington.

Letter: The Election Is Not About Party Loyalties, It Is About Ethics

This is not about party loyalties; this is literally about ethics and survival. Tedra Cobb will be an authentic representative for the real people of our area.

Letter: Cobb Supports Health Care For All

I support Tedra Cobb for the 21st Congressional District because she supports health care for all. I’m overwhelmed by the issues I care about.

Letter: Stefanik Takes PAC Money, Cobb Doesn’t

We, the people of NY-21, should finance our own campaigns. Elect neighbors who will represent our interests and not those of the super-rich from far away. Preserve our democracy. Vote for Tedra Cobb in November.

Letter: Stefanik Not Telling Truth About Cobb

  Today (Aug. 7) in a Facebook post, Elise Stefanik made several claims about her opponent that are clear distortions of fact. Never mind that Ms. Stefanik is now resorting to infantile name-calling; she’s also making claims about her opponent that are blatantly untrue. Ms. Stefanik said that, “As a St. Lawrence County Legislator, Taxin’ …

Letter: Taxes In All But Name

Stefanik knows that her assertions are untrue; the St. Lawrence County records have been widely published, yet Stefanik has chosen to make false statements the focus of an attack on Tedra Cobb.

Letter: Cobb is Positive and Will Solve Problems

Letter: Stefanik’s Actions Expand the Swamp

You can trust that Tedra, unlike Elise, will seek to sidestep the D.C. swale and attend to matters of urgency in our beloved home district.

August 12, 2018 Press, Press Release, Uncategorized

Tedra Cobb Invites President to Health Care Roundtable

Tedra Cobb welcomes the Presidential visit to Fort Drum to sign the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act and to honor the men and women of the 10th Mountain Division and their families. Ms. Cobb invites the President to a Healthcare Roundtable on Monday to meet with others in the district to better understand …

Letter: Heat Levels a Sign of Worse to Come

It’s summer 2018, and the Northern Hemisphere is burning. Is this a surprise? Well, not to me. It’s just another indication of global warming, and we can expect more to come in the future. How hot is it? In our own area, we have been under “heat advisories” several times, and for several consecutive days …

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