The Mohawk people are standing with Tedra Cobb

That any congressional candidate would actually come to Akwesasne is the exception, and we give Ms. Cobb thanks for doing so.

Going to extremes to cast our votes!

Because we believe that this is one of the most important elections in our lifetime, we have gone to extremes to cast our votes for Tedra Cobb.

October 29, 2018 Articles, Press
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Cobb, seeking Congress seat, lives her values

Cobb introduced herself to a voter while going door-to-door. “Oh, you’re Tedra Cobb,” said the man. “You saved my life.”

Democratic congressional candidate from Canton favors single-payer medical coverage

Too many politicians are subject to the concerns of the corporate donors that fund their campaigns. That is why I am not taking their money.

Cobb outraises Stefanik in first half of October

“I’m not taking a dime of corporate money,” Cobb said. “The difference in our donors is clear. [Stefanik] works for corporate special interests, I will work only for you.”

4 Women Try to Unseat House Republicans in N.Y.; Donors and Celebrities Take Notice

Ms. Cobb, who has crisscrossed the vast district, shaking hands at county fairs, managed to raise $1.1 million through the end of September.

Tedra was quick on her feet and concise in her words

We didn’t expect debating to be Tedra Cobb’s strongest suit. That would be grassroots organizing, as evidenced by the amazing number of volunteers, campaign signs and letters to the editor in her favor.

October 24, 2018 Audio / Video
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Watch New York 21st District Congressional Debate: Cobb, Kahn & Stefanik

Elise Stefanik squares off with her two challengers, Democrat Tedra Cobb and Green Party candidate Lynn Kahn in their first face-to-face debate of the race.

Health-care advocates push for universal coverage

Cobb said she will not take any money for pharmaceutical or insurance companies because she wants to represent her constituents’ interests and not corporate interests.

Canton’s Cobb critical of Stefanik’s no show at League of Women Voters forum

Somehow Rep. Stefanik finds the time to hold a last minute fundraiser with Speaker Paul Ryan, but can’t find the time to answer questions from her constituents

Tedra Cobb’s campaign received a boost of over $5,000 from Indivisible Lowville events

Cobb targets Stefanik over environmental record

“At a time when [Stefanik] was given the chance to not only be bipartisan, but to prove herself as an independent voice, a champion for the North Country, and a leader standing by her own word — she failed us,” said the Cobb campaign in a statement.

October 16, 2018 Press, Press Release

Stefanik Is Not Who She Says She Is; Stefanik Flip-Flops on the Clean Power Plan

CANTON — The Clean Power Plan enabled crucial protections for New York’s environment. Under the Clean Air Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is required to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, which was responsible for the “acid rain” that nearly destroyed the Adirondacks. The Clean Power Plan set out to cut carbon pollution from coal power plants. The oil and gas industry opposed the Clean Power Plan and found an ally in Elise Stefanik. The Clean Power Plan was endorsed by the Sierra Club because it reduced carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 32 percent, prevented 90,000 asthma attacks per year, and avoided 3,200 premature deaths per year by 2030. Elise Stefanik chose to vote …

October 16, 2018 Press, Press Release

Elise Stefanik Declares SOS, Incumbent Losing Local Support and Momentum for Re-Election

CANTON — The most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing for incumbent Elise Stefanik reveals a collapse of local support and an embarrassing flood of special interest money from Washington, DC. In the final quarterly report, 21 days before the election, Elise Stefanik’s campaign raised $533,216, of which $304,832, an astounding 57 percent, was raised from political action committees rather than individuals. “Elise Stefanik has played politics in Washington, DC her entire adult life – her voting record shows it and her campaign treasury shows it. Elise Stefanik voted to close down rural hospitals, penalize people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and motherhood, and voted to empower industrial polluters to have their way with our rivers and streams, why? …

Tedra Cobb pledges to be ‘independent voice’

“I’m not here to take away the Second Amendment,” Cobb said. “But I believe we can protect society and legal gun owners. That’s not complicated. I am an avid supporter of your rights. But I am also an avid supporter of the health and safety of your community.”

Meet the candidates: Tedra Cobb running to represent the North Country

Democratic St. Lawrence County lawmaker Tedra Cobb discusses her campaign and the blue wave push to replace Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik in New York’s 21st District.

Congressional candidate endorsements: NRA for Stefanik, Emily’s List for Cobb in North Country contest

“Tedra Cobb is a community leader who is prepared to stand up for North Country working families in Congress,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, in the endorsement statement.

October 10, 2018 Press, Press Release

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli endorses Tedra Cobb in NY21

CANTON—Tedra Cobb, candidate for Congress in New York 21 announced that her campaign has earned the endorsement of New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. “I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tedra over the course of the last year and am proud to endorse her campaign for Congress” DiNapoli said. “Tedra is committed, as I am, to a more ethical, transparent and productive form of governance. I know that Tedra will bring New York values to Washington and her efforts will reflect the needs of the people in the North Country.” Tom DiNapoli has served as State Comptroller since 2007 and is recognized as a bipartisan champion for a more ethical government. The Cobb campaign welcomes his endorsement …

Candidates meet in League of Women Voter forums

This story was updated to indicate that U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik declined participation in the League of Women Voters candidates forum in Lake George.

October 10, 2018 Press, Press Release
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American Federation of Government Employees Endorses New York’s Tedra Cobb for Congress

Largest federal employee union says Cobb will fight for public-service workers. AFGE is the largest federal employee union in the country, representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers in all functions of government.

Rep. Elise Stefanik talks truth and taxes at Enterprise office

“I’ve never voted to raise taxes,” Stefanik said. Yet she has regularly voted for spending increases, especially for the military, when the federal government didn’t have the money to pay for them.

Elise Stefanik Isn’t Who She Says She Is: Vote To Cut Medicaid Would Have Severe Impact On New York’s 21st District

Stefanik Sided with Political Donors Instead of Defending New York Families Across New York’s 21st Congressional District, Americans rely on Medicaid to receive healthcare coverage. As a founder of a health care non-profit, Tedra Cobb worked to increase access to healthcare for North Country people. As a county legislator, Cobb fought to ensure that Medicaid programs were fully funded so that hospitals and clinics were able to provide healthcare services to residents. Medicaid is a vital program that millions in New York rely on to receive health care and in Congress, Cobb will be committed to protecting this important safety net. The Medicaid expansion provided for in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) resulted in greater access and affordable coverage for …

Elise Stefanik Isn’t Who She Says She Is: Health Care Vote Would Have Punished People with Pre-Existing Conditions

“Stefanik Sided with Political Donors Instead of Defending New York Jobs” The Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits insurance companies from refusing coverage to people or charging people more money just because they may have “pre-existing conditions,” or health challenges they had before the effective date of their insurance coverage, whether or not any medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received before that date. Some of these conditions include asthma, diabetes, cancer and even pregnancy. This has been Federal law since January 1, 2014. The insurance companies fought back and on May 4th of last year, Congress voted to repeal this protection for people by a razor-thin margin of 217 to 213. Elise Stefanik voted with the insurance …

Stefanik seat no longer viewed as “Safe Republican;” National political experts change district rating following Cobb’s historic fundraising haul

The Cook Political Report, a widely respected non-partisan election newsletter recently moved the NY-21 race more towards Tedra Cobb’s favor. Previously viewed as “Solid Republican”, multiple factors, including Cobb’s historic fundraising haul and the fact that Stefanik is taking the challenge seriously, led analysts to reassess their earlier projections. Earlier this week Tedra Cobb announced that she raised $715,000 in the third quarter, setting a record for this district. “Unlike Rep. Stefanik, I refused corporate campaign contributions and showed that voters in this district are looking for a representative that is beholden to them, not corporate special interests” said Tedra Cobb. “People are angered that Stefanik voted to deny insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, sided with coal companies over …

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tedra Cobb Joins more than 100 Candidates Call for Sweeping Reform Bill as First Item on the Agenda

Today, Congressional Candidate Tedra Cobb and a coalition of more than 100 House challengers are calling on the House of Representatives to support a campaign finance reform bill as a prime agenda for the 116th Congress in 2019. In the letter issued to the House of Representatives, the 107 candidates write: Restoring faith in our elections and in the integrity of our elected officials should be a top priority that all members of Congress can agree upon. Without these reforms we will be unable to truly regain the public’s trust or tackle the challenges of our day, like the costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, the opioid epidemic, or building an economy that is strong for working families. Key elements …

Cobb Campaign Back On Air; Challenges DC Insider Stefanik: “Hands off the North Country”

CANTON –– Today, Tedra Cobb, local small business owner, former St. Lawrence County Legislator and Democratic candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District released her first ad of the general election, “North Country.” Click Here to watch: North Country “We are excited to be going back up on television and on digital platforms across the district,” Cobb said. We know that when the voters of Northern NY hear our positive message, it resonates. They are tired of being represented by a DC insider who doesn’t understand our values or reflect our priorities. Unlike Rep. Stefanik, I am not taking a dime from corporate donors or lobbyists so they won’t own my vote in Washington. The people of New York’s 21st …

Cobb Campaign Resourced to Win: Q3 Fundraising Tops Previous Quarters with $715,000 Raised; Shows Momentum Headed into Final Month

CANTON –– Today, Tedra Cobb, local small business owner, former St. Lawrence County Legislator and Democratic candidate for New York’s 21st Congressional District released her current campaign numbers. 0% of Tedra’s funding is from insurance companies 0% of Tedra’s funding is from pharmaceutical companies 0% of Tedra’s funding is from corporate PACs or DC lobbyists 65% of supporters live in the district 87% of supporters live in New York State Tedra has raised over $1,169,000 for this campaign Over $715,000 in the third quarter Over 1600 individuals have volunteered throughout the district Tedra Cobb held more than 90 public appearances The campaign picked up more than 6783 likes and followers on social media “Rep. Stefanik isn’t who she said she …

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