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Dear Friends,

You know that Election Day didn’t go our way. I’m disappointed and I know you are too.

But I want you to know that I’m proud of our campaign. We set out to bring attention to the issues that matter to Northern New Yorkers - the need for healthcare for everyone, a clean environment that will sustain our agricultural and tourist economy, and protection of our earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare. We set out to hold Rep. Stefanik accountable and she now knows that we are watching and we will fight back tooth and nail when her votes harm our communities.

I also want you to know how grateful I am to you. Thank you to the 90,526 people that voted for me on election day. Thank you to the 2,134 of you who volunteered with my campaign. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes, driving me across our large, diverse, and beautiful district, and organizing events for me to meet your friends and neighbors. Thank you for funding my campaign; with your donations we broke fundraising records in this district - without taking any corporate PAC money. Thank you for knocking doors, making phone calls and writing postcards and letters. You connected with over 130,000 voters, and the impact of that will engage voters for decades.

While we didn’t win the election, we have succeeded in building a community that cares for one another and will work together to accomplish these goals. Make no mistake this race, and these results, should be a wake up call to Rep. Stefanik. We are watching her votes and will hold her accountable. We are going to continue to fight for healthcare for all, for a clean environment, and to protect Social Security and Medicare. This Congressional seat, all 17,000 square miles of NY-21, belongs to the people - not corporate PACs and special interests.

And in 2020, we’re going to take back this seat.

So, hold on to those yard signs, don’t peel off those bumper stickers, and keep working hard to reach out to your friends and neighbors.

With love,
Tedra Cobb

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